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  Coffee Chat with Rabbi Mandel
  A social coffee chat with Rabbi Mendal and other community members. 
  Discuss current events, ethics and topics which are important to you and our

  Mah Jong
  Mah-jong is quickly becoming the most popular tile game in Montreal. It is a game of skill,
  strategy, and calculation and involves a degree of chance. It is fun and social. There are
  many benefits to learning a game like Mah-jong, as it has been proven to help with short
  term memory, attention, and logical thinking. In the 8 sessions you will learn to identify the
  tiles, how they go together, how to read your Mah-jong card and decide what Mah-jong you will build for the win.

  Bridge for Beginners
  Come join us to on Tuesdays at Federation CJA West Island as we learn the
  basics of Bridge including:
  · How to start the bidding 
  · Opening bids with Major suits  
  · Responses to Major suit opening bids

  Strength and Flexibility
  This beginner to intermediate class will focus on improving strength, mobility,
  and flexibility through mindful movements. Intervals involve standing and
  seated exercises. (Ages 50+)

  Art with Lisa
  This beginner art program offers a space for participants to engage in art
  projects in a supportive environment under the guidance of a certified Art
  Therapist. Weekly projects will focus on acrylic painting, watercolors,
  charcoal, pastels, ink, collage techniques and explore themes such as landscape, 
  portraiture, culture, dreams, and more. 

Tue, 27 February 2024 18 Adar I 5784