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About Us

Our afternoon school is open to all elementary aged Jewish children regardless of their synagogue affiliation. The school meets once per week, on Wednesday afternoons. We enjoy the use of the synagogue’s facilities, thus immersing our students in a “haimish” Jewish ambience. Our students and their families are always welcome to join the activities and programs of CBTASNH. For more information, please (514) 683-5610 or

Our History

In 1964, with the founding of Congregation Beth Tikvah (then known as the Jewish Congregation of DDO) there was a commitment to Jewish education. The Hebrew Academy Supplementary School was inaugurated with a Kindergarten class of ten which met every Sunday Morning in the basement of the Synagogue/House at 93 Westpark Blvd. This evolved into a full Afternoon School, meeting three times per week from 4-6 PM for grades K to 6. Over the years Hebrew Academy was restructured with the changing needs of the Community to twice per week and then to once, for two and one half hours every Wednesday, after day school ends.

The Hebrew Academy planted seeds for continuing Jewish education in being the feeding school for the Judaica Program at Herzliah High School, affording children to continue their Jewish Education on a High School level despite the fact that they did not attend a Jewish elementary Day School. Some of the most successful Herzliah graduates were products of our Hebrew Academy and the Judaica late entry High School Program…





Hebrew Academy will always hold a special place in my heart.  After all, I met my husband when we were grade 1 students in the program.  When it was time to choose a supplemental Jewish afternoon school for our children, Hebrew Academy was the clear choice.

The teachers have been wonderfully engaging and attend to the individual learning needs of all the students.  The administration creates a loving, nurturing environment.  Our children’s Jewish identities have been strengthened as the result of studying Jewish history, prayers, Israel, Hebrew, and holiday traditions.  As a family, we have enjoyed school wide celebrations and learning opportunities such Chanukah pizza parties, Passover Seders, Shabbat dinner, and Havdallah.

We love that the school teaches our children to value Tikkun Olam.  Over the years, they have prepared baskets for the less fortunate, visited a seniors’ residence, collected sundry items for shelters, and organized a fundraiser to benefit a sick school mate.  To us, having our boys learn in a synagogue environment was very important.  They are comfortable praying in the sanctuary, standing on the Bima, and witnessing the torah being taken out of the ark.  My older son recently became a Bar Mitzvah.  The Hebrew reading skills he developed at Hebrew Academy were instrumental in preparing him for a meaningful religious experience.

Marla Litvack, Graduate of 1985, Parent of graduates of 2015 & 2018

I would highly recommend Hebrew Academy Afternoon School to any parent looking for a well-rounded educational Hebrew experience for their children.  Both the teachers & assistants are excellent and there is a real sense of community and family.  I am part of the Parents Committee and I feel a great sense of community by being involved in the many projects we’ve taken on as a group.

Rhonda Skolnick, Parent

Hebrew Academy Afternoon School has always been a home away from home for me. My 7 years spent there as a student helped me develop a strong Jewish Identity and provided me with a grasp of the Hebrew language. I was excited to continue my Jewish studies at Herzliah High School. Without the tutelage and guidance of the amazing HA teachers and staff, I have no doubt that I would not be as proficient in Hebrew, nor as comfortable in a synagogue as I am today.

In addition to my years as a student, I also worked as a teacher’s assistant at Hebrew Academy for 6 years. This allowed me to pass on the Jewish and Hebrew knowledge I learned throughout my formative years, and watch the next generation of young Jewish children grow.

I am very thankful for the opportunities that Hebrew Academy Afternoon School afforded me in both learning the Hebrew language and strengthening my Jewish heritage…

Michael Markel, Hebrew Academy Alumni

When developing the curriculum at Hebrew Academy Afternoon School, we made sure to include many hands on, experiential opportunities along with more formal learning. Hebrew Academy students benefit from the use of outstanding facilities, state of the art materials as well as engaged and experienced educators committed to excellence in Jewish education.

At Hebrew Academy our children learn the Hebrew language, they celebrate receiving their own Siddurim, they participate in actual prayer, they sit in a sukkah, they extend their helping hands to the needy, they experience an Oneg Shabbat as well as a Havdalah ceremony, they participate in many programs celebrating Israel and they rejoice with their families upon graduation. Simply put, our students live Jewish experiences that will carry them forward and that that they will always remember.

Renana Chemtov, Former Staff

Sat, 24 February 2024 15 Adar I 5784